IT Software Solutions


The rapid pace of globalization over the past decade has been largely driven by developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). IT specialists are increasingly in great demand in several areas, one of which is providing software solutions for business.

The development of software solutions to improve business productivity encompasses many different skills and disciplines. Key to these is an awareness of the fast changing nature of the industry and the ability to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

IT software solution professionals always work closely with clients to modify existing systems or create new systems. They may modify “off the shelf” software and integrate it into the existing systems. They often work as part of a team of software professionals responsible for the requirement specification, system analysis and design, construction, testing, training and implementation, as well as maintenance of a business software system.

  • The tasks performed by IT software solution professionals include but not limited to the following:
  • Review current system and present ideas for improvement, including cost benefit analysis
  • Analyse and specify user requirements
  • Produce detailed specifications
  • Develop software system for the required solution and test the software solution thoroughly
  • Prepare user training materials, train users, and present software solution to users
  • Install, implement and maintain the software system

IT software solutions professionals can be employed in large, medium and small enterprises as software engineer, in consulting firms as consultant, and in software houses as contractor.

They can operate in a wide variety of roles including development role to tailor-make or customize software solutions, supporting role to operate system, business analyst role to provide solution to simplify and automate routine office and business activities, as well as training role to train user in using the application software